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About Us

Established in 1983, Tom Thumb nursery is purpose built on one level with outdoor play facilities. There are 3 playrooms and the layout permits constant supervision of all the children.

We believe children are individuals. We talk to the children and listen to them, making them feel important and that what they say is interesting. We offer a warm caring and secure environment within which children are able to explore, learn and develop at their own pace. We ensure that the individual needs of the children are met, effectively promoting their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Parents are considered to be very important members of the nursery. We understand that they need to know what their children have been doing daily while away from home. We believe that parental involvement is crucial in order for us to work together, in an open and honest partnership. We provide opportunities for the parents to get to know each other, including social evenings and nursery outings.

Here at Tom Thumb the staff are approachable and friendly, but most of all committed to the well being of each child. The children are paramount at all times.

Tom Thumb nursery is well known for its child friendly environment. We have an experienced and stable staff team, which provides consistency for the children together with good quality day care.